Libbey Schooner Glass

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With a large bowl to enhance the flavors of your beer and a narrow rim to direct the aromas to the top of the glass, this Libbey Schooner Glass captures all the flavor and aroma of your finest beers for your most discerning drinkers. Engraved with your logo / message, it's great for microbreweries, pubs, bars, event venues and lounges, adding style and elegance to your beer presentation. The 18 oz. and 21 oz. capacities are ideal for serving a generous serving of your finest craft beers and ales and the crystal clear appearance is guaranteed to impress customers as they enjoy their drink. At the same time, the thick, sturdy stem and wide foot ensure stability so that this glass rests easily on trays, countertops, and tables. It also elevates the perceived value of your drinks for increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.  With your brand beautifully engraved on these, they are sure to leave a lasting impression.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review