Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is laser engraving and how does it work? Laser engraving is a precise and permanent marking method that uses a laser beam to remove material from the surface of an object, creating an engraved design. The laser beam vaporizes the material, leaving behind a permanent mark.  For hard metals, like stainless steel, a specialized permanent marking spray is used which is permanently fused with the metal by the laser, leaving a black image.

  2. What materials can be laser engraved? Laser engraving can be performed on a wide range of materials including wood, leather, glass, acrylic, and metal. Some materials, such as plastic or coated metals, may not be suitable for laser engraving.  We do not engrave on any vinyl, or materials containing vinyl, due to toxic and corrosive fumes that are produced. 

  3. Can you laser engrave logos or images? Yes, laser engraving technology can accommodate a variety of design types, including logos and images. The quality of the final product will depend on the complexity and detail of the design, the quality of the artwork, as well as the material being engraved.  The quality of the end product depends directly on the quality of the artwork.  We do offer artwork services if needed.

  4. Can photographs be laser engraved?  Yes, we laser engrave photos on all forms of materials.  A 600 dpi image or higher quality is required for photo engraving.

  5. What types of files do you accept for logos or designs?  The best quality is achieved by using vector files, typically in .ai, .svg, and .eps format.  We also accept bitmapped files, like .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .tiff files, but recommend that these are sized to the actual product being engraved, and of a resolution of 300 dpi minimum (the higher the resolution the better).  Customer must own the rights to use any customer supplied artwork, and, by submitting the artwork, attest to their rights to use it and granting Easyl Engraving permission to use the artwork to complete any engraving ordered.  We reserve the right to decline orders that involve copyrighted artwork, or artwork deemed obscene, hateful, or offensive.

  6. Can I see a proof or sample of my design before it is engraved? Yes, it is common to provide a digital proof or physical sample for approval before beginning the laser engraving process. This ensures that the final product meets your expectations and specifications.

  7. What is the minimum order requirement for laser engraving? We accept orders with quantities from 1 to thousands for most products, with small minimums for others.  We offer significant quantity discounts for higher volume orders.

  8. Is laser engraving durable and long-lasting? Yes, laser engraving is a permanent method for personalizing / branding products that is highly durable and long-lasting. The design will not fade or wear off over time.  This is why it is superior to print personalization methods.

  9. How long does it take to get my order?  Depending on product and quantity, our standard production typically takes between 5 to 8 business days.  We offer rush service and express shipping services if faster turnaround is required.

  10. Where can engraved products be delivered? From our facilities in Huntsville, Alabama, we ship ground to anywhere in the US.  We are a one day ground delivery to much of the Southeast.  We ship to all US states and territories, including APO facilities world-wide. 

  11. Can I provide my own items to be engraved?  Yes, we engrave on customer supplied products, with some limitations.  Currently, we do not engrave on jewelry, firearms, or any materials that may contain vinyl.  Local/regional customers can drop off the items at the shop; remote customers can ship items to us for engraving.